3 Must-Have Features Of A Reliable 3PL Software

3 Must-Have Features Of A Reliable 3PL Software

Are you in this situation? You are an upcoming entrepreneur. Your business is performing fairly well. You are providing quality services and products to your customers. Recently, you moved your venture to the virtual arena. The move was a well-thought idea,and it is bearing some fruits. Your orders are increasing. However, here is the challenge; your order fulfillment is in crisis. Your customers are receiving the wrong items.

Also, shipping delays are increasing per dawn. Now, you want to change this mess by installing a 3PL software in your e-commerce business. When you set off your searching process, your journey has been uphill. You have come across a thousand and logistic solutions. Each of the developers behind the solution is wooing you to consider their option. Before you fall for this marketing hypes, here are three must-have features of a reliable 3PL software – give them a close eye:

Ease of use

The first aspect to consider in the logistics software is the ease of use. Your software of choice must be easy to use for every user. You do not need software that will require you to add extra staff to operate it. Also, you no need forsoftware which is technical. Your desire is streamlining the shipping services. Hence, the software must be easy to use. Each of your staffs must have the ability to operate it with limited or zero hurdles. Hence, always consider the ease of use before choosing a 3PL software.

Inventory and shipment tracking

One reason for embracing technology is to help you manage your shipping services. The software should enable you to offer satisfactory service to customers. Also, it should eliminate any delays and item loses during the dispatch process. For this to happen, the 3PL software must have inventory and shipment racking as one of its basic features. This feature enables you to monitor your items from warehouse to ship until the customer receives them. Hence, if you are looking on to succeeding your business, ensure your solution has this functionality.


Certainly, your business is a combination of systems. Any solution you add must be compatible with the existing system. The 3PL software is no exception. The solution should have integration features as a core element. This way, you will be able to connect the software with other systems and solutions. Hence, your logistic services will harness and become effective and efficient.

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